Halloween Decor Webs

$14.99 for a 4 foot web and 6 foot web (plus shipping)

These are the ultimate Halloween decoration!

Hand-made, reusable, weather-proof

100% Made In The USA! Support small business here!

Each and every order is valued and appreciated.

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6' web hangs perfectly on a regular inside door.

Inside or Outside use

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I use a staple gun to attach them to my trees.

They stretch about one foot both ways. I love to overlap them. Although, blacklight will not illuminate them, I use amber LED bulbs for a creepy effect at night.

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This is my 4th year making these webs. It is a labor of love, each one is hand cut and unique.

Custom orders available

I am happy to customize your order. Message me and I will give you a quote!

New! Pink Blacklight Webs

These are new this year. Pink blacklight spider webs. They look great with and without blacklight. Perfect for "doll" parties or any time you need to glow!

Actual customer photo!

I have the best customers! I am always amazed by their imagination!

Looked great on bushes for Halloween, held up well outside, and easy to put up and take down.


My neighbor had these up this past Halloween and they looked so awesome I immediately ordered some for next year! I haven't used them yet, but my neighbor said they were easy to put up. Best of all they are reusable and don't harm insects like the cheap fake webs do!


Awesome and so much fun. I figured out how to stretch the webbing enough to make it look scarier.



Pink Blacklight Webs